EHarmony’s Gay Dating Site Is Here! / Queerty

A law that attempts to define the nature of a particular business. Same thing with eHarmony. Obviously, I am a threat to you, so I think I will just politely bow-out and save you any further upset as it is not my desire to piss you off. Anyone saying they are faith based is full of it.

It would be sheer bedlam. We definitely need to pick our battles.

eHarmony’s Gay Dating Site Is Here! / Queerty

Разделяю eHarmony’s Gay Dating Site Is Here! / Queerty

  • When straights-only dating site eHarmony settled a suit with the state of New Jersey by agreeing to start up Compatible Partners , a sister site for gays, the solution seemed Solomonic to some everyone got what they wanted and like a sell-out to others anti-gay Christians chafed that their religious liberties were being trampled.
  • Curing Sleepyhead Syndrome.
  • Warren saying that he wanted to serve a broad range of people--all ethnicities, religions, political affiliations, and creeds. What is wrong with that?
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  • The first time they oversleep, you might even call their teacher and explain your plan, and suggest an extra measure of discipline.

The idea that a private company does not have the right to target a specific audience when that specification comes at no actual cost of the non-targeted group is idiocy, simple as that. Should Manhunt. Private individuals should have the same right to free association that gays want, to associate or not associate with who they please.

Look at me.

EHarmony’s Gay Dating Site Is Here! / Queerty
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